Can Exotic Rental Cars Be An Economical Choice

There is nothing more beautiful, more exciting and liberating than being behind the wheel of an exotic car. Whether it’s a special occasion, an important date, or just because you were dying to drive one of these vehicles, getting a vehicle from an Exotic Car Rental San Francisco can be an amazing experience. But there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are some steps you need to take before renting an exotic car.

Meet the requirements

First, you’ll need a credit card that has a balance of nearly $8,000 available. This deposit is usually required for any Exotic Car Rental San Francisco. Deposits vary depending on the rental agency and car model. If renting a Lamborghini, your deposit will be more than that of a Corvette obviously. The car rental (like any other) is based on the value of the vehicle.


Then you’ll need a clean driving record. The company has to be able to ensure the car through your insurance provider in case something happens. Minor violations may fine but any serious accidents in the recent past will not do. Finally, you must meet the age requirements. Most rental companies require you to be at least 27 years of age but there are some that allow people to drive at age 25.

Determine exactly what car is right for you

A Luxury Car Rental San Francisco is usually priced around $400 a day or more, and some can be as much as $2,500 or more. Other things that come into play when deciding which exotic car is right for you. Such is the case of a Ferrari or Lamborghini and the amount of noise they make. So if you plan on talking to your passenger, it will be very hard to hear what this person is saying.

Also note how far you drive. If you plan to take a road trip, it would be very costly to rent an exotic car, so you may want to take something else like a Mercedes S Class or Bentley Continental GT. Flashy, exotic cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris can be very uncomfortable and difficult to drive too. They were not manufactured to be driven every day.

Choosing the right rental car isn’t as hard as you may think. Just take your time and make sure that the car or truck you choose is the perfect one for you. For more information contact Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco today.


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